Letter to the Families October 5, 2022


Dear Maristhill Residents and Families,


We would like to update you on the status of Covid-19 at Maristhill.  During the past two weeks we have four staff members, an outside vendor and seven residents that have tested positive for Covid-19.  They have been vaccinated and boosted.  The staff members have mild symptoms related to Covid-19.  The residents have experienced some mild symptoms at this time as well.  They have been in quarantine since testing positive.  We continue to monitor al residents and staff for signs and symptoms of Covid-19.  We continue to test staff and residents as directed.


Maristhill has been in contact with the Department of Public Health, and we are following their guidance on testing our staff and residents.  Please note that our staff have been vaccinated and have received their booster dose of the vaccine.  All of our Long-Term residents have received the vaccine and a booster shot.  A majority of our residents on the Short-Term Rehab unit are up to date with their vaccination and booster.  Those that are not are being cared for in accordance with DPH guidelines.  Please be aware that Middlesex County has a rising level of Covid-19 cases and the threat of Covid-19 will be rising in our area for a period of time.


We will continue to require all visitors to complete the Covid-19 screening form and to take a temperature reading before visiting.  There are no exceptions to this requirement for visiting.  Also, if you encounter anyone that is ill or has symptoms of Covid-19 or the flu, you should postpone your visit.  I want to encourage all to consider getting vaccinated and boosted.  During your visit you will be required to wear a facemask.  You will be required to only visit your family member in their room or to make arrangements to use the front lobby rooms by appointment.  During the Covid-19 outbreak we are unable to allow visitors to visit other resident rooms or public areas where residents may gather.


We should all remember that the vaccine does not ensure that a person cannot be infected with the Covid-19 virus, but it will help minimize the effects of the virus.  The DPH is recommending that those individuals that have not received their initial vaccination or a subsequent booster should do so to minimize the impact of Covid-19.  The continued use of facemasks, hand washing with soap, or the use of hand sanitizer will help the efforts to control the spread of Covid-19If, you have any questions regarding vaccines, please discuss with your physician. Thank you all for your support.   If you have any questions, please let me know.


James Tracy

James Tracy,


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