Letter to the Families December 15th


Dear Maristhill Residents and Families,


We would like to wish all our residents and their families a wonderful holiday season this year.  The holidays are filled with hope and optimism for the upcoming year.  We have experienced difficult times over the past three years as we have experienced the harsh reality of the Covid-19 virus and the flu for all of us.  The past three years have seen us lose loved ones or have them experience an illness that has affected them adversely.  Others have experienced no real physical illnesses but have suffered the negative impact of isolation and loneliness due to ongoing periods of isolation.


Our residents, families and staff have survived these harsh realities by supporting each other, showing small acts of kindness and by the power of faith.  Some may question the effectiveness of these efforts, but where would we be without them?  It is my hope that we continue to take a moment to reflect on the hardships that we have all experienced and to thank each other for their understanding during these difficult times.


I would hope that all of us would consider taking the most up to date vaccines for Covid-19 and the flu as they are meant to minimize the impact of these two illnesses.  Please remember that the vaccines may be given at any time over the next few months.  We have been fortunate that a vast majority of our residents have taken the most up to date vaccine for Covid-19 and nearly all residents have received their flu vaccine.  Please as family members consider taking the vaccines to help prevent the spread of Covid-19 and the flu.  Also, as family members if you have been in contact with anyone or you are experiencing any signs or symptoms of these illnesses, please do not visit.  If you have any questions regarding vaccines, please discuss with your physician. Thank you all for your support.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.


James Tracy

James Tracy,


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