About Us

Maristhill team

You can depend on us to go the extra mile towards offering the highest quality care and making your stay at Maristhill safe, comfortable and fulfilling.

From short-term rehabilitation following a hospital stay, to our long-term care community, we are dedicated to compassionately and respectfully helping you find the type of care that meets your needs. We will respect and promote your quality of life and our professional team will enthusiastically collaborate with you, your physician and family to develop an individualized healthcare program that best suits your personal situation.

Maristhill is also accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) and is an equal housing/handicap accessible facility.

We strive to maintain an environment that feels like an extension of your own home and family, in which you’ll enjoy the peace-of-mind that comes from having your emotional and spiritual welfare nurtured as much care as your physical health. Practicing a philosophy that is rooted in Christianity, our non-profit organization is focused on welcoming and caring for people of all denominations.


Reasons to Choose Maristhill

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