Long-Term Care

We are dedicated to compassionately and respectfully helping those requiring our care. Whether you are seeking a long-term care community that will respect and promote your quality of life, or nursing care following a hospital stay, our professional team will enthusiastically collaborate with you, your physician and family to develop an individualized program that best suits your personal needs. You can select from a wide range of tailored, comprehensive healthcare services.

Our rehabilitation department has tenured, compassionate staff who are experts in physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, pain management and wound care. We utilize the latest treatment modalities such as diathermy, ultrasound and electrical stimulation to treat pain, swelling and muscle weakness. These services help to enhance the treatment and recovery of those who have had a stroke, suffer from chronic arthritis or are recuperating from joint replacement surgeries.

Long-Term Care Frequently Asked Questions


Reasons to Choose Maristhill

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