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Pre-“furred” Friends!

As noted in past posts, pet therapy is widely recognized as a beneficial treatment for seniors. According to research from multiple sources, even small amounts of time spent with a loving animal can help stave off depression, loneliness, and even lower blood pressure....

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February 2020: Spiritual Care Notes

May our vision in the year of Our Lord in 2020 be a perfect 20/20 vision!! On Sunday, Feb. 2, 2020, 40 days after the birth of Jesus, we celebrate the Presentation of Our Lord in the Temple. The Mass can include a procession of candles, known as the...

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Key “Notes” About Music Therapy

As you may have noticed in our calendar, music is a big part of our lives here at Maristhill. In addition to conducting two music therapy sessions this month, five additional activities will involve musical performance or participation. Music Therapy is the clinical...

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New Year Spirit

As 2020 begins, all of us at Maristhill wish you a happy and blessed New Year. We also look forward to sharing our mission throughout the new year, which is rooted in Christianity and focused on welcoming and caring for people of all denominations. Our staff is...

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