Rehabilitation FAQs

When and how often is rehab?

Our rehabilitation team conducts a full evaluation as soon as possible after admission and treatment begins shortly thereafter. The intensity and frequency of therapy is determined by your condition, goals and physician approval.

How long will the rehab last?

Within 48 hours of admission, our team will assess your current status, review hospital paperwork and discuss the expected length of stay, which could be as short as one week or longer as your condition requires. You will communicate regularly with your care team as we work together to achieve your goals. Most insurance plans, including Medicare, require evidence of ongoing improvement in order to cover your stay. For example, if a you’re able to walk five feet with a walker one day, the ability to walk more than five feet in the next few days must be demonstrated. We will work closely with you to ensure you are ready for discharged and when your insurance is coming to an end. 

Do I need to bring clothing?

Your rehabilitation stay is the next step in returning to your normal routine and lifestyle, so you should plan to be up and dressed every day. We recommend comfortable clothing and supportive shoes (such as sneakers and non-skid walking shoes). Make sure to bring enough clothing to allow for laundry service (usually 4-6 of each item such as slacks, tops and undergarments). Laundry is done daily. Please be sure your last name is in all clothing; our laundry staff can apply labels if requested.

When do I see the Physician and how often?

All new patients are seen and evaluated by the Physician/Nurse Practitioner within 48 hours of admission and then regularly and as needed throughout the course of your stay. Our nursing staff is also in contact by phone with the Physician/Nurse Practitioner on a regular basis, notifying them of any significant changes in condition and will get approval for any and all treatments and medication changes.

When happens if I get sick?

If you’re sick, the Physician/Nurse Practitioner is always notified, and they will decide if a visit is appropriate. They may order various tests, such as labs, x-rays, EKG, which can be performed on-site. Your provider will then discuss options of care with the nursing staff and will make every effort to provide treatment (i.e. IV’s, antibiotic or oxygen therapy, pain management) in-house or transfer you to a hospital if necessary.

How does the discharge work?

A team meeting with Social Service, Rehabilitation and Nursing is scheduled with you and your caregiver (s) and family shortly after your admission. We will ask questions about your home environment, previous lifestyle and community support. This meeting gives everyone the opportunity to discuss goals and start to plan for a safe discharge. During your stay, our team is always available for questions. Your social worker will facilitate the discharge planning process and make sure you have what you need for services and follow-up once you go home.

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