Long-Term Care FAQs

Do I have to be Catholic to be admitted to Maristhill?

No. We embrace people of all denominations. In fact, our Spiritual Care Department visits all residents in order to provide support or assist them in practicing their faith of choice.

How much clothing should I bring in?

Make sure to bring enough clothing to allow for laundry service (4-6 of each item, such as slacks, tops and undergarments will do). Laundry is picked up daily in the rooms, unless family elects to do it themselves. Please do not bring any delicate fabrics as they will not survive our industrial machines. It is important that each item be labeled with the resident’s last name. Our laundry staff can apply labels if requested.

Do I need to bring in incontinence pads for the resident?

No, we provide incontinence pads. However, if you have a preferred brand of brief, you’re free to bring in your own supply.

When does the Physician see the resident and how often?

All new patients are seen and evaluated by the Physician/Nurse Practitioner within 48 hours of admission and then at least monthly for the first three months. Our nursing staff is also in contact by phone with the Physician/Nurse Practitioner on a regular basis, notifying them of any significant changes in your condition and will get approval for any and all treatments and medication changes.

If I’m sick, will the physician come see me?

If you’re sick the Physician/Nurse Practitioner is always contacted and they will decide if a visit is appropriate. They may order various tests, such as labs, x-rays, EKG, which can be performed on-site. Your provider will then discuss options of care with the nursing staff and will make every effort to provide treatment (i.e. IV’s, antibiotic or oxygen therapy, pain management) in-house or transfer you to a hospital if necessary.

How will you know what medications to give me? Do I need to bring in a list?

If you’re being admitted from a hospital, you will arrive with a hospital discharge summary listing all current medications and doses and summarizing your hospital stay. You or your family will also be asked to provide a detailed list of home medications so that we may ensure all needed medications are given.

What are the policies regarding outings or leaving the facility for an overnight stay elsewhere?

If Medicare is paying for your room and board, overnight outings are not permitted and daytime outings are strictly limited. This is because the Medicare “skilled” benefit requires demonstration of the need for specialized care such as rehabilitation or nursing that can only be done in the facility. On the other hand, MassHealth recipients are currently entitled to a 10-day “Non-Medical Leave of Absence” per 12-month period. Private pay residents may also go out overnight if they are clinically cleared and it is safe to do so.

What if I have a problem with my roommate?

We make every effort to place residents with compatible roommates. However, there are occasions when the placement is not a good fit. In such cases, the social worker will meet with the resident and family to come up with a solution which may involve a room change.

Can we bring in medications from home for use in the facility?

Upon admission, our medical team will review your health history and consult with your physician.  You do not need to bring your prescription medications from home.  Our clinical staff will provide medication management while you are a resident at Maristhill.

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